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Sainz Sr. considers Extreme E-Start

As motorsport.com reports, the Dakar champion Carlos Sainz is to take part in the first Extreme E season.

Published: Nov, 17th 2020

Sainz Sr. considers Extreme E-Start


According to this, Sainz, together with Valtteri Bottas and Sebastien Loeb, took part in a private test of the 550 hp ODYSSEY 21 E-SUV around the Chateau de Lastours in the South of France and is said to have shown a great deal of interest afterwards.

“I’m still not quite clear about the racing format and so on, but I’m looking at it right now. We’re analyzing everything, but the Dakar will continue to have top priority,” Sainz is quoted by motorsport.com.

The teams in the Extreme E each consist of one female and one male driver. Due to her experience with 10 arrivals at the Dakar, the media is currently quoting Laia Sanz as a possible partner for Sainz.